Voice and Movement Classes

Amber Mackereth’s program readies actors for the demands of bringing total voice and body to the work. Level 1 is for the new actor and those that have taken a few classes and seek to add this training. Level 2 is for the more advanced actor that has done this work.

Amber Mackereth has been singing, dancing and acting since an early age. Having trained at Douglas college theatre program and Circle in the Square in NYC, Amber has been teaching and performing all over the world. She co-wrote and performed in The tale of a T-shirt ( Fixt Point Theatre) in Canada and Europe. Also some of her credits include: Chicago the movie ( Miramax), At lunchtime ( bravo), TDBY ( soap opera, Puncher Productions). Fear thy Nieghboor (discovery). Most recently you can catch her playing 3 sisters in “The Savage Tales of Frank Macguffin” (feature film). She has produced and performed in her own numerous jazz/ cabaret shows in Vancouver and Toronto. Now Amber has been keeping busy as vocalist/ dancer in Love Letters Cabaret. Amber is excited to be teaching Voice and Movement for Milne studios. Having taught voice for actors in numerous studios, and training many actors in movement over the years, Amber hopes to inspire through teaching, and continues to help other performers grow their craft by instructing foundation work for the actor.


Saturdays’ – Level I | 12:00 PM- 2:00 PM
Saturday’s – Level II | 2:30 PM- 4:30 PM

Maximum ten students per class. ENROLL ANYTIME. Ages 17+

Level 1. This class is for a new actor either beginning in the industry or an actor who has never trained in the foundation work for Voice and Movement. For actors that wants to broaden their skill for film/TV and stage. The course focuses on the foundation of voice and movement, using the fundamentals of breath work, voice production, phonetics, articulation, and speech. In movement we go into physical research and characterization, period style, self staging, circus skills, and impulse and rhythm. Learning the warmups for voice and movement that are best to keep a healthy acting instrument to use at will. This work ensures that actors can take on any role and not tire from long days on set or 8 shows a week on stage. Learning basics of The Alexander technique for alignment in movement and Kristen Linklater for voice. Free yourself and get into your body and voice so you can work from a relaxed true place.

Level 2. Voice and movement for character development. This class will be for the more advanced actor or someone who has done foundation work in voice and movement. We cover Level 1 basics and add on more exercises to strengthen the voice and the body. In addition to warmups and exercises, this class will focus on developing a character through voice and movement. Discovering how to create a character even as we begin to work on a script. This is a highly effecive way to get character in body before beginning to break down text into beats. Then work with the text utilizing voice techniques learned, giving greater speech power. Utilizing proper breath, diction, dialects, and tonality. Actors can bring in characters they’re working on from other classes or roles. Text will be assigned to practice important techniques. The many techniques covered in this class will fully develop your actor body and voice so that you can tackle whatever character comes your way, while feeling confident that you won’t lose your voice or harm your body.

COST: 4 Class Pack $250.00. 8 Class Pack $450.00. / CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
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