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Join our successful online acting classes in Toronto where actors are immersed in acting coach Brad Milne's powerful acting technique, PERGE™. Most often our hard working students get agent referrals that get them auditioning and working. The focus of our work is to evoke strong believability. We teach and coach you to apply best practice interpretation to help access your most compelling truth. In acting our responsibility is to create a character that lives the role in every way. To achieve this you must make kinesthetic connections to every aspect of the role.

A proven phased, integrated and complete actor training program readying you for your career.

We teach essentials of the acting craft; including foundation work on the actors instrument to script analysis and character interpretation through to creating vivid rich roles. You'll be immersed in our professional online acting program. Milne Studio acting classes and coaching cater to beginners, newcomers, intermediates and advanced professional working actors.

Brad's training is designed to give you a broad base of fundamentals that strengthen your acting instrument and your interpretive skills. Creating roles succeeds and fails on the choices you make. We help you identify how to make the right choices. Our classes pay off in many ways. Milne Studio Acting Classes and Production Studios have been preparing actors for professional success in studio and online since 1999.

Level I

Monday - Beginner
7:00 PM - 10:30 PM EST

For beginners and newcomers. This class will introduce you to our Foundation Training and Script Interpretation techniques. Exercises: breathing, energy, voice & movement, and improv. Actors are all individually coached on camera.

Graduate to Level II in 4-6 classes.

Level II

Tuesday - Intermediate
7:00 PM - 10:30 PM EST

For students that have completed Level I or equivalent
- Scene Study on camera
- Emotional Athletics
- Cold Reads / Monologues
- Audition Conditioning
- Character Development
- Script Analysis
- Character Development

Graduate to Level III in 6-10 classes.

Level III

Wednesday - Advanced
7:00 PM - 10:30 PM EST

Advanced students studying with the studio for 3 + months
- Advanced Scene Study
- Advanced Emotional Athletics
- Audition Conditioning
- Prepping Leads
- Student created content
- Character Development

Graduate to Level IV in 12+ classes.

level iv

Thursday - Expert
7:00 PM - 10:30 PM EST

Invitation only class for expert working actors
- Ensemble core group
- In-depth in class work
- Student created content
- Teacher training program


Actor, entrepreneur, producer, director and coach with 250+ Acting assignments in the past 25 years coupled with 17 successful years experience as an acting coach. Brad has guided more than 1300 students in classes, workshops, seminars, bootcamps and in private sessions in the U.S. and Canada. Overseeing the day to day operations at Milne Studio, he has worked from concept to completion on feature films, TV-Pilots, commercial campaigns, corporate video libraries and more. His coaching of others started in sports as a teen when he guided freestyle skiers to championship levels through his training camps. Less than a decade later and after acquiring his own title of Canadian National Amateur Champion in his freestyle skiing discipline he applied his coaching skills to business where he helped foster success for individuals and companies of all sizes through sales, business development and strategic consulting. From these combined experiences Brad brings a holistic understanding of the entrepreneurial aspects of the acting career and it's intricate craft.

Class Packs & Costs
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Classes are offered packs of 4, 8, 12, and 16. Class packs are meant to be used in consecutive weeks. You can attend up to two of Brad Milne's evening classes each week.

4-class pack: $240 + 31.20 HST = $271.20
8-class pack: $456 + 59.28 HST = $515.28 - 5% savings off 4-pack
12-class pack: $648 + 84.24 HST = $732.24 - 10% savings off 4-pack
16-CLASS PACK: $816 + 106.80- HST = $922.08 - 15% off 4-pack

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