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Acting classes, bootcamps, casting workshops, seminars, selftapes, coaching, demo reels and career counseling for adult and teen actors. Call 647-782-4888.

Adult Acting Classes

Brad Milne’s ongoing adult program has training for every level of actor. Choose from Brad Milne’s Adult Acting Classes, our popular 48 Hour Acting Bootcamp, or the Becoming An Actor Workshop. Along with a great place to study, our in-studio technology lets you build content for demo reels in nearly every class you attend. You’ll learn PERGE™, Brad Milne’s script interpretation technique which helps you create vivid dimensional characters.

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Teen Acting Classes

Milne Studio's teen program for film and TV is the perfect downtown Toronto spot for classes, weekend intensives and film acting camps. For newcomer, intermediate and advanced teen actors. Learn practical techniques for acting on camera, work with scripts from popular television shows, receive your own demo reel of class footage, be part of a group project to create your own film and get to perform in our online industry showcase.

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48 Hour Acting Bootcamp

The 48 Hour Acting Bootcamp is for adult and teen actors that want a deeply immersive acting experience and a powerful scene for your demo reel at a reasonable price. Learn empowering techniques to help you create rich, compelling and memorable characters from Brad Milne, veteran coach.

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Becoming An Actor
Seminar & Workshop

Thinking about an acting career or already started and want an inspiring, informative and challenging seminar and workshop? Milne Studio is excited to present this one-day seminar and workshop for the new and upcoming actor. Date TBA.

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Voice & Movement

Coming 2019. Amber Mackereth's program readies actors for the demands of bringing total voice and body to the work. Level 1 is for the new actor and those that have taken a few classes and seek to add this training. Level 2 is for the more advanced actor that has done this work.

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Audition Classes

Coming 2019. Acting for Auditions class for actors is the perfect way for novice, early stage and intermediate level actors to build professional, competent and competitive auditioning skills. challenging.

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Improv Classes

Coming 2019. Improv for Actors class acquaints trained actors with long form improv. Improv Foundations will immerse beginners in the “Yes And…” concepts of traditional improv.

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Acting Career Development

Coming 2019. This course is for actors that want extraordinary results from their craft, auditions and roles while embracing the career with a set of real goals that'll get you where you want to be in 90-days, 6-months and a year from now.

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