Becoming An Actor

How To Become An Actor

January 15, 2020 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET ('GMT-5)
Tips, Advice, Training and Career Guidance For Adult and Teen Actors

Are you thinking about starting an acting career? Don't know where to start or looking to improve your skills? Discover a powerful approach to acting. Get the tools you need to succeed.  We're excited to present this informative webinar for new and emerging actors.

Best Acting Classes Toronto

Jackee King at Milne Studio Toronto

Learn essentials for launching and managing your career along with all tips for breaking down scripts, quickly creating a role and creating a self tape. Given by veteran coach and actor, Brad Milne on IMDb

Best Acting Classes Toronto

Robert Mynell at Milne Studio Toronto

We discuss various aspects of the film and television industry; do’s and dont’s, how to select the right training, essential actor must-haves (marketing materials), background vs principal on camera work, and finding your first agent. You’ll learn basic scene breakdown for auditioning, working on set, and what happens behind the scene during casting and production.

Best Acting Classes Toronto

Julia Campisi at Milne Studio Toronto

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Best Acting Classes Toronto

Jordan Wall at Milne Studio Toronto