Toronto Improv Classes

Improv for Actors class acquaints trained actors with long form improv.
Improv Foundations will immerse beginners in the “Yes And…” concepts of traditional improv.

IMPROV CLASSES | Coming Summer 2018


Tuesdays – Improv for Actors | 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Fridays – Improv Foundations | 3:30 PM – 6:00 PM

Maximum ten students per class. ENROLL ANYTIME. Ages 17+


COST: 4 Class Pack $250.00. 8 Class Pack $450.00.
Payment: Interac eTransfer to, check or cash.

Improv Foundations – 4-Week Cycle

This improv program will give beginners a foundation in the “Yes And…” concepts of traditional improv. Teaching students to improvise in a variety of scenic environments, and tapping into emotional cues to keep their improv grounded as well as funny, will prepare them to improvise on any stage in North America. 

This program is for people who are brand new to improv and those who have studied improv and want to play in a new environment. Whether you are an arts worker, or want to build confidence in public speaking, or looking for a positive way to connect with others, improv is a great tool to help you build a repertoire to move further along your path.

Through a variety of exercises and scenic coaching, students will learn to:
-Actively listen while onstage 
-Connect with their scene partners through physical and verbal offers
-Pay attention to details within a scene
-Follow their instincts while moving a scene forward
-Play characters and characteristics that they create and control on the spot 
-Avoid over planning by going with the flow of interacting with scene partners
-Getting out of their heads and embracing a sense of play in scenes

Improv for Actors – 4-Week Cycle

The fundamentals of this course will acquaint trained actors with the grounded tenants of long form improvisation. The focus of the class is to give actors another skill set to use in their toolbox when approaching scripted and non-scripted scenes and characters. Improv for Actors will give the actor the boosted skill set to say “Yes And” to any direction given in scripted and non-scripted work, and will provide the actor with the core fundamentals of performing improvised scenes in a manner that seems rehearsed and scripted.

This program is for experienced actors who have professional acting training or the equivalent amount of experience, a theatre degree, or have been enrolled in a theatre program, who want to play and learn in a new creative environment.

Actors taking this course will learn to: 
-Make strong character choices inspired by the scene,
-Make strong and confident choices in the audition room, 
-Make powerful and real connections to your scene partners,
-Trust your gut to create real emotional moments for your character,
-Live and react in the “now” of the scene,
-Think more quickly on your feet,
-Have fun embracing new ways to approach character and scene work/development

Class scene work is videoed and delivered via Dropbox. Very useful for keeping track of your progress, helping update an existing agent or procure a new one. Enrollment at the Milne Studio requires that you understand and adhere to our Studio Policies. Please peruse our Policy Page, enrollment is your acceptance of all our policies. Please view to our Schedule Page for dates and times of classes.