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Your demo reel is the primary show piece of your work, Make it pop, well edited, decent picture and sound, only your best work. Make sure to keep track of your work in class. Those times when you do your best work in class you might well have a strong clip for your class demo reel.

Our in-house demo reel editing service requires you to do a few basic things before submitting your work to be edited.

1. Provide us with links to your downloadable clips with precise in and out time codes for each scene of no more than 35 seconds in length.

2. Provide how you want your name presented/spelled and if we are including talent agency contact info.

3. Download and review the attached form. Use it as a guide to create your reel. Although we are not currently editing demo reels as part of our online services we encourage you to become your own go to editor, learning editing will help up your self tape game.


Explore our in-house headshot photography services.

Actor Headshots at Milne Studio


Your resume needs to be very professional, all the elements need to be nicely laid out and organized, easy to follow. We have provided a few different downloadable templates here for you to peruse and chose the one that best suits you.

Established Actor Resume Template

New Actor Resume Template 2


The Agent Interview


Please feel free to link to any or all of the websites below to learn about and sign up for these necessary actor casting sites.

Casting Workbook

Actors Access


Casting Networks



For all other career guidance support please feel free to visit the career guidance services page to book time with Brad Milne. You will want to speak with him beforehand and come prepared with a complete list of questions.

Career Guidance Services