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Teen Film Acting Summer Camps | Ages 12-14 & 15-17
July 8, 9, 10, 11, 12  &  August 19, 20, 21, 22, 23
film acting Summer campS - 1pm to 4pm daily

We look forward to having you in our summer acting program. You'll be immersed in character creation, scene study, improv, monologues, and audition training. Your on-camera in class work is always recorded. Across the five days you'll be immersed in and moving towards having your best work filmed and live edited into a demo reel. There's 20 hours of coaching over the five days and pre-camp orientation session, lots of very useful takeaways.


Milne Acting Studio has trained over 2500 adult and teen actors since it first opened in 1999. It is one of Toronto, Canada's top boutique acting schools. Brad Milne brings 30+ years experience acting, coaching and producing.

SUMMER film acting camp program

Pre-camp zoom orientation session that we will host for your group the week before each camp.

Day 1 - Acting exercises and improv allowing actors to get acquainted with one another while practicing the essentials of acting for film and television. A discussion on ways to apply these practices to your roles.

Day 2 - Opening exercises, introduction to breaking down scenes and creating strong characters, introduce the on camera working environment.

Day 3 - Opening exercises, deeper work on the characters and roles, honing in on precise interpretation of character and bringing that to your work.

Day 4 - Opening exercises, prep for immersion into our a multi-camera environment, rehearsing the work while being coached and directed in a film set environment.

Day 5 - Opening talk, exercises, and we’re into shooting day. Performance level student work is captured on camera with live multi-camera editing.

*Daily camp hours are based on an enrollment of 8 students per camp. Camps with fewer students may finished earlier in the day based on the number of students.

Teen FIlm Acting SUMMER CAMP $595.00 + $77.35.HST = $672.35
to enroll

1. Send an Interac eTransfer to pay@milnestudio.ca for $672.35 (includes HST). If paying by eTransfer please indicate the corresponding summer camp month in the notes window on your registration form. To pay by credit card "Add to cart" button below to pay with a credit card. 2. Click the REGISTER button below and fill out the form. 

Teen Film Acting Summer Camps

Fall Winter Spring 2024 In Studio Teen Acting Classes Program

Level I - Monologue Study

Sundays 12:00 PM - 2:30PM

New to acting and want to check it out? Level 1 is for you! This is the perfect place to begin. We will introduce you to the key foundations needed to begin your journey training as an actor. We will teach you script analysis and help you to apply those skills to a monologue and a scene. This 7-week course will then culminate in a live in-studio showcase performance for industry family and friends. 8 student limit.

No prerequisites

Level II - Scene Study

Sundays 12:00 PM - 2:30PM

Now that you’ve had your introduction, time to up the ante! This level will be about bringing yourself to the work so you can be the best scene partner you can be. We will work on different scenes with assigned partners over the course of 9-weeks. This class is designed to strengthen your scene sculpting skills and your ability to work with others. It’s about coming prepared so you can relax and be present. The course culminates with our showcase.

Must complete Level I or have equivalent experience

Level III - Advanced

Sundays 12:00 - 2:30 PM

Okay, so by now, you’re ready to go full throttle. This course will balance both scene work, monologues and will move at a faster pace. Each participant will have to work one new monologue from an assigned source and a scene. Both will be performed for the final showcase. We help our advanced actors at this level prepare the necessary materials for their professional acting journey. This class will continue to challenge actors over and over again. 8 student limit.

Must complete Level II or have equivalent experience

Jason Weinberg - Adult & Teen Acting Instructor


Brad Milne - Studio Founder & Program Manager


Class scene work is videoed and delivered via Dropbox. Very useful for keeping track of your progress, helping update an existing agent or procure a new one. Enrollment at the Milne Studio requires that you understand and adhere to our Studio Policies. Please peruse our Policy Page, enrollment is your acceptance of all our policies. Please view to our Schedule Page for dates and times of classes.

Teen FIlm Acting FALL 2024 Semester $595.00 + $77.35.HST = $672.35
5 Comprehensive Classes INCLUDING Showcase AND Demo Reel
to enroll in The FALL 2024 Semester

Click the REGISTER button above and fill out the form. Then send an Interac eTransfer to pay@milnestudio.ca for $672.35 (includes HST). If paying by eTransfer please indicate the corresponding class day in the notes window on your registration form. Or click "Add to cart" button below to pay with a credit card.

Teen Spring Program