Brad Milne – Founder / Instructor

Acting Coach
Toronto Acting School – Milne Studio Canada

Brad Milne
Milne Studio Founder, Lead Acting Instructor
Actor, Director, Producer

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Brad Milne is the founder and lead instructor at Milne Studio and the Toronto Acting School. His keen eye for spotting and cultivating talent comes from his 300+ career projects as an actor and creator, and having coached over 2000 actors in over 2000 of his various school and studio classes. Actor, entrepreneur, producer, director and coach with 275+ Acting assignments in the past 30 years coupled with 20 successful years experience as an acting coach. Overseeing the day to day operations at Milne Studio and Toronto Acting School, he has worked from concept to completion on feature films, TV-Pilots, commercial campaigns, corporate video libraries and more. His coaching of others started in sports as a teen when he guided freestyle skiers to championship levels through his training camps. Less than a decade later and after acquiring his own title of Canadian National Amateur Champion in his freestyle skiing discipline he applied his coaching skills to business where he helped foster success for individuals and companies of all sizes through sales, business development and strategic consulting. From these combined experiences Brad brings a holistic understanding of the artistic and entrepreneurial aspects of the acting career and it’s intricate craft.