Milne Studio Toronto offers year round on camera acting classes for adults and teens.

With over 50 years experience in film, television and theatre we provide an empowering environment for actors to grow from beginner into well trained working professionals. Serving actors in studio and online since 1999.

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  • “I absolutely love it. Brad is such a passionate person about the art. That’s what I love; it’s about the art, perfecting it, the excellence of it and understanding more of it. Always searching for a better way of learning and even he admits he’s always learning and sharing those experiences. When you come to this class you are yourself and he pulls out the strengths that you have and works on the weaknesses, but always you use the best of your skill sets. I love the environment, it’s intimate and I like it because the classes are a little bit smaller, you get to know everyone.” Elvis Stojko, Toronto Actor, Ice Girls Star, World Champion Figure Skater

  • “I’ve been to other coaches and classes before, it always felt like I was there because of the money I paid and was given a short amount of time to perform and then that was it. When I first went to Brad, I was skeptical, but decided to have an open mind. The first class was to get back into the swing of things and figure out where I was emptionally, physically and spiritually. During the second class, something happened that didn’t happen before with other coaches, I cried. I let it out, it wasn’t too overwhelming and I just accepted it through Brads guidance. He then showed how I can control it and the following classes showed my best work I’ve ever done. Brad has helped me gain a confidence in front of the camera that I never had before and told me it’s okay to be vulnerable. Can’t wait to see what is more to come and hope everyone reading this comment who hasn’t taken a class yet, to give it a try… and who knows maybe lightning will strike like it did for me.” Christopher Tanych, Toronto Actor

  • “I have been to different acting studios and felt like all I learned was the technicalities of camera work where they say don’t move during a close up no coaching on how to act… seriously, you are thrown in with a scene and don’t have any idea what to do in the first class besides learning lines and then they tell you vaguely what to do for the other classes… What is wonderful about Brad’s class is that he is completely involved in making you a better actor, but by bringing out a better version of yourself to bring to the camera. I am not someone who cries easily in front of others, and I have always struggles with dramatic scenes. In the second class, he saw through me and helped me bring out so much emotion I was blown away that I could open up so much. He helps you to let go and get into it and it makes you perform way better than ever before. I am definitely continuing to study with him and can’t wait to see my improvement when I rewatch my videos in a few months time (because yes, he sends you your work!) Thanks Brad!” Amy Tremblay, Toronto Actress

  • “Going into Brads class l was ready to quit acting entirely and focus more on my hosting abilities. I enrolled in his class not knowing what to expect but almost immediately found myself renewed with the passion to act. Brad helped me establish a confidence not only in acting but the life lesson never quit on yourself. He referred me to Film Comm Talent and almost immediately l began to book commercials and received many call backs. Thanks Brad for your dedication to your students and being there for me when l wasn’t there for myself.” Dennis Barham, Toronto Actor

    “Challenging! Acting is more than passion. It is persistent, hard work. Learn techniques to enhance your acting capabilities at Milne Acting Studio with excellent coaching from Brad Milne.” Heather Lee, Toronto Actress

  • “Milne Studios is definitely ranked and rated as one of the best acting schools in Toronto because Brad is a well-versed working actor/coach who has both loaded knowledge and experience in the industry. My favourite day is the day that I get to attend his class because he makes the classes fun and makes you feel welcomed and engaged. Somehow I feel right at home! His method and techniques are one of a kind and he constantly guides and directs his students to get to the place where they need to be: skill-wise and character-wise. I thoroughly enjoy every minute of class and I always leave feeling exhilarated, more improved, and more confident with the craft. I highly recommend this studio! You don’t have to take my word for it. One class is all you need to know for yourself and you wont want to go anywhere else!” Tami De La Cruz, Toronto Actress

  • “I’ve been in Toronto for just 1.5 months and I’m so happy to have Brad’s studio for acting acting classes. I could not image my time there without Brad’s weekly classes. He is looking for inspiring and passionate person as well as excellent teacher who takes time for each of his students individually. His coaching taught not only the fundamentals of camera acting and character development but also the importance of dedication and hard work. On the top of that he improved my self-confidence, for which I am highly grateful. Thank you so much Brad! I’m happy to have you as a teacher and I’m looking forward to seeing you again. PS: The 48 hour Acting Bootcamp is a must for everyone looking for an intense and very instructive acting experience!” Gabi Weissenberg, German Actress

  • “Brad really takes his time with each individual to ensure that they immerse into the characters shoes truthfully. He really opens your mind and eyes to the subtext and story behind the script. I’m truly grateful and thankful to have found such a great coach that is honest and cares about you being a well rounded actor who is proud of their work.” Cassandra Gruia, Toronto Actress

    “Milne Studio is a great learning establishment from the most beginner actors to veterans. The community and vibe created at each class keeps climbing upwards. Both Brad & his team are very experienced, well-connected, and capable of teaching anyone. Thankful to have found a home where I can hone my acting skills.” Ilkay Sky, Canadian Actor

  • “I’ve learned so much in such a short amount of time. Brad cares so much about his students and I’ve become a better actor because of him! Definitely take classes at this studio! You won’t regret it.” Sara Douglas, Toronto Actress

    “Brad is an unbelievable teacher, and this is an incredible school to learn! I have nothing but amazing things to say about Milne Acting Studios! I will be a student for life! Highly recommend!” Rich Canavan, Toronto Actor

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