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PERGE™ – The Milne Studio Interpretation technique guides you to craft a powerful statement summing up story, emotion, relationships, goals and environment. This Statement (your Go Moment) and Foundation work are then combined to reveal the true secrets of delivering your best work In The Room and On Set.
FOUNDATION EXERCISES – Breathing, energy, voice, movement, improvisation, storytelling and scripted performance – collected and created from Brad’s 24 years of studying, working and teaching the core acting principles of Stanislavski, Strasberg, Meisner, Adler, Hagen, Chekhov, Alexander, Second City and working directly with teachers such as Michael Shurtleff, Bernadette Jones, Janine Manatis, David Rotenberg, David Smukler, Bruce Hunter, Rob Nickerson, Vincent Chase, and Morgan Sheppard along with over 40 casting director workshops in Los Angeles with many of the worlds top casting directors.
SCENE STUDY – Delve deeply into a variety of contemporary film, TV and theatre scenes and monologues that will teach you to quickly and thoroughly develop a multi-dimensional character and be audition-ready in a matter of hours.
CHARACTER and CAREER BOOTCAMPS – The ultimate in depth character development for both your characters and YOU as an actor as you discover and develop your brand and then evolve it into becoming the Actorpreneur you aspire to be.

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Brad Milne Coaching at 48 Hour Acting Bootcamp
Prepared student work is digitally recorded On Camera and stored in personal video albums for craft analysis and development.

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Milne Studio Interpretive Technique PERGE™