David Muthurajah – Technology Manager

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As a child, I learned that I had an interest in the creative arts when I begged my mother to enroll me in art classes. Even though I was too impatient and impetuous to keep up with them, something told me that I had an affinity for creative expression. Both through school & church, Vocal Music was also a major part of my life growing up. Film/Television/Theatre have been always been a deep interest but as a shy youngster, I did not feel as confident in pursuing this medium. When the time came for University, I chose to take the practical path and pursued a degree in Applied Mathematics which thankfully has helped me establish a successful career in IT Consulting. However, through time, experience, travel, and introspection, I came to the realization that Acting is a true passion that I wanted to pursue. My search for a mentor & coach led me to Milne Studios where I have had the pleasure and privilege of learning under and working with an amazing human being, Brad Milne. My goal is to continue forging my path as an actor and creator and in doing so, be a positive force in this world.

“Possession make your rich? I don’t have that type of richness, my richness is life forever” – Bob Marley