Shannon Bilmer

Teen & Youth Acting Instructor


Shannon Bilmer is a highly skilled and experienced teacher and actor. She studied Theatre Arts at Queen's University and earned a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto. With over 14 years of teaching experience, Shannon has nurtured young people's creativity and passion for performing arts through her unique approach to interpreting challenging literature and guiding students to bring characters and stories to life with authenticity and emotional depth. Shannon's warm and supportive teaching style creates a safe and empowering environment for students to explore their craft. Her international work experience in the UK, Ecuador, and Japan enriches her understanding of diverse cultures and artistic approaches, which she incorporates into her well-rounded and dynamic teaching. As an actor, Shannon has valuable on-set experience in film and television, providing a comprehensive understanding of the profession and the nuances of performing in front of the camera. She has honed her craft through her studies at Milne Studios, integrating the PERGE technique into her work. As a certified yoga instructor, Shannon also believes in integrating mindfulness, wellness practices, and meditation into her teaching and preparation as an actor. She believes in a holistic approach to well-being, nurturing creativity and storytelling for the artistic and personal growth of her students. Shannon is dedicated to empowering your children through teens reach their fullest potential as actors and individuals.