Sarah Iranca – Project Manager & Digital Creator

Toronto Acting School

Self Tapes, Headshots, Scripts, and Digital Content Creations

Hi, I'm Sarah Iranca, a passionate actor, writer, photographer, and videographer based in Toronto. I've dedicated the past year to honing my acting skills at Milne Studio, immersing myself in the art and craft of storytelling. Alongside my studies, I've had the incredible opportunity to serve as an experienced reader for self-tape sessions, collaborating with coaches at Milne Studio. This hands-on experience has not only enhanced my understanding of the industry but has allowed me to contribute to the growth of fellow actors. Creativity fuels my daily life, and I'm on a journey to bring my projects to life—be it through acting, writing, or capturing moments behind the lens. Join me as I continue to explore the endless possibilities of storytelling and strive to make every project a unique and memorable experience.