Act Reel Challenge Finalists

Here are our eight finalists from the debut Act Reel Challenge competition on September 28, 2019 at Milne Studio Toronto. Watch the videos and rank your viewing experience on a one through ten scale. The star -rating system will tabulate all votes and our three top finishers will be chosen. To vote, click on the image and a new larger player window will open, watch the video and vote. After watching and voting on the each video click the arrow bottom right to move to the next video. One vote for each contestant. Voting is open until 12:00 PM (Noon) Wednesday October 9, 2019. Enjoy!

IMPORTANT: This competition is meant to build up actors. It is our hope that voter’s will vote honestly and truly. It has come to our attention that some disingenuous voting is occurring. To remedy this, once the competition comes to an end, all scores above a certain score, which will remain private, will be calculated manually by an unbiased party.

Contest is finished!
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Title: Lauren Mingo
Author: admin
Rating:   (6.72/10) - 232x rated

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Description: Act Reel Challenge Finalist
FIRST PRIZE  28 Classes in the Milne Studio Acting Program – training value of $2,060. + an impeccable demo reel a value of $1,000+, free self tapes for 28 weeks a value of $600 at two self tapes per month, and two headshots a value of $200. A total value of $3,850+.
SECOND PRIZE  8 Class-pack in the Milne Studio Acting Program – including short demo reel and self tapes, a training and services value of $1,200.
THIRD PRIZE  4 Class-Pack in the Milne Studio Acting Program, including short demo reel and self tapes, a training and services value of $500.